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What Fortifies Our Credibility?

We are not just another stereotypical company that does the same job. Our deliverables have given us the confidence to seek out new challenges and accept them.


How Do We Stand Out From The Competition?

We are a small sized company packed with the expertise and potential of a multinational. With creative mindset, we have embarked on a journey to make things work.

Operational Excellence

We believe that excellence is not a gift, but a goal that can be achieved with diligence and smart work which we pursue.

Continuous Improvement

Our enthusiastic team is driven by passion that enables us to persistently evolve and learn, ensuring quality deliveries.

Innovative Solutions

Our company provides outstanding service through teamwork, accountability and innovation, which is reflected in our work.

Certified Experts

Filled with industry experts, our team is always a step ahead of the competition to deliver the best service to our customers.

Targeting and Positioning

We come equipped with the latest technology to give our customers the results they desire and exceed their expectations.

Personal Approach

We eliminate all communication gaps between us and our customers to incorporate the required changes and a personal touch.

The story behind our success

Although we started out as an in-house department for GSS Projects, the work slowly expanded to the entire GSS Group of Companies. With gradual work load, we learnt and we metamorphosed to an improved version of ourselves. With each project the learning curve only got steeper, which empowered us to take up more challenges and branch out as a separate organisation. Going forward, we would like to see the learning curve grow bigger and steeper that can make us better.

Ever since I’ve joined GSS Webtech, I have witnessed a work environment unlike any other. Despite being fewer in number, the team here is excellent to work with. If I am able to complete my work in time, it is due to the entire team that works with me and brings out the best in me.

Lalithram Rajkumar

Content Developer & Research Analyst